The healthy berry: a benchmark for Spanish strawberries

In Grufesa we have a goal: for the consumer to taste our strawberries and have a second serving. With the best raw material, the strictest care through all the production process and the best natural conditions, we offer “The healthy berry” – a natural, healthy and sustainable fruit, and a benchmark for Spanish strawberries.

We aren’t new in this, more than 30 years of experience speak on our behalf. Three decades on which we committed ourselves to innovation and to develop a 100% sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly crop:


  • Accurate irrigation.
    We implemented a resource optimization system such as water and energy that allows meeting in real time the specific needs of each farm through Internet, using a set of sensors and a wireless system.


  • Sustainability.
    We introduced a new crop philosophy which guarantees a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly fruit that meets the highest demands regarding plague control and crop diseases.


Our strawberry main secret is the care we take through all of our strawberry process, from the growing and packing, to its subsequent transfer to the customer’s hands. To that end, Grufesa complies with the strictest internal controls, to which we add the national and international legislation controls that certifies our strawberry as a guarantee of quality.
For its beneficial properties for the organism –Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, fiber, antioxidant, depurative– its flavour, colour, smell, versatility in the kitchen, etc… You choose why you eat strawberries.
Hannah, Pinete and Zenobia are Grufesa’s brands, a benchmark among the spanish strawberries available in the market. You’ll be able to find it in the sizes and packaging that suits you best.

Add health to your organism by having a strawberry!